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Years of Experience

Since I started coaching in 2005 I've been fortunate to work for one of the best racing schools in the world along with host of professional organizations and teams.  Whether you’re getting into sports cars or open wheel race cars these are the companies I work with the most in the industry.  Please click the logos below to learn more.


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I started working with Andy about a year ago after having worked with other coaches previously. The difference was night and day. Andy can work with beginning drivers all the way through experienced professionals. He has a remarkable ability to translate difficult driving concepts into easy to understand and actionable techniques. And as I’ve progressed under Andy’s tutelage his coaching has become more precise and demanding, helping to wring that last bit of time out. Ultimately the proof is in the pudding. After working with Andy I have taken my lap times down by multiple seconds. Before Andy I struggled to keep up with the pack, but since I have stood proud at the top of the podium in 4 out of 4 races this year. And equally important as improving my driving skills, I now count Andy as a close friend.
— Elias Sabo - Pirelli World-Challnge Driver
Andy came up through the demanding ranks at Bondurant to become a top instructor for the School, he was one of those rare talents that I felt had exactly what I look for when I pick a champion... a real passion for racing. I can teach anyone to be a better, faster, smoother racer but I cannot give them the “heart”.
With that, Andy will be one of those racers that will still be on the podium 25 years from now!
— Bob Bondurant


MY Goal

With over a decade of coaching experience at The Bondurant Racing School I've worked with thousands of drivers.  High Performance Driving requires a unique set of skills, many of which seem counter intuitive, to get the most out of any car.  During every coaching session my goal is to make you a faster and ultimately safer driver with a variety of techniques I've picked up through out my  career.



About Me

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Drivers and mechanics need to be simpatico and speak the same language in order to achieve the best results.  That's no problem for Andy: He's both!  In 2003 he began his racing journey as an entry level technician at The Bondurant Racing School.  After graduating from UTI and several years of turning wrenches he earned enough experience to take on a full time Instructor roll from 2005-2017.  From 2003-2008 Andy worked as his only dedicated mechanic.  Kart Sport Magazine acknowledged his grit and determination by naming him "Privateer of the Year" award in 2007.  Soon after he won the Florida Winter Tour Championship in 2008.

From there he made the leap to full size cars.  In 2008 he was selected along with 29 other drivers out of 500 applicants to race in the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup.  In 2009 he scored 1 win, set two track records, had three podium finishes, and finished 2nd in the Championship.  The following year he gave back to the series as a mentor and instructor for the next generation Volkswagen drivers.

Andy made his move to Pro Racing in 2012 with support from Chevrolet, Bondurant, and Phoenix based tech company Best IT.  Andy entered the Pirelli World-Challenge Series in the yellow #20 Camaro.  Through out his first season Andy recorded four wins, Rookie of the Year honors, and 2nd place in the Championship!  Since 2008 Andy has recorded 8 wins, 24 podiums, and 11 poles.  In addition to his four year stint with Chevrolet, he has a multitude of experience testing and/or racing a variety of machinery from Lamborghini, Cadillac, and Porsche.  His racing experience includes several race series such as Pirelli World-Challenge, IMSA Continental Series, Trans-Am, NASA, and SCORE Off Road Racing.