When it comes to driving a twisty mountain road, hitting the track for the very first time, or shaving the last tenth of a second a little expert coaching can make all the difference.

All to often people rush out to buy the latest sports car without investing time into strengthening their ability behind the wheel.  Whether we know it or not we've all picked up some bad habits on the city streets and highways.  While most of these habits are benign at slower speeds they can have disastrous effects at higher speeds.

Understanding proper vision, chassis balance, and line technique can keep that shiny new toy off the guardrails! 

The safest place to learn is on the racetrack but that doesn't mean you have to become a race car driver.  All of the techniques I teach and use will no doubt make you faster but will also make you safer and more confident on the highways.

Prices excluding travel expenses:

Half Day - $850

Full Day - $1,500

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If you're ready to take your driving to the next level I offer a variety of services to help you reach the podium. 

Racing services include Pre race preparation, Sim training, track walks, car set up/ testing, coaching, and the ability to co-drive for multi-driver style races.

Over the years I've helped numerous drivers take the leap into wheel to wheel competition.

My racing/ coaching background includes everything from kart racing, SCORE off road racing, clubs like NASA and SCCA all the way to Pirelli World-Challenge, FIA, and IMSA sanctioned events.

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Data Analysis

When it comes to advanced race training I have experience with a variety of data systems including AIM, Motec, and LIT Pro.